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For many individuals, owning a home is the biggest investment you can face. For those that reside in areas heavily laden with snow during winter months, they know how frustrating snow and ice buildup can be on the roof of your home. Ice dams and icicles are common occurrences in the winter. While fun to look at, these pesky buildups of ice can cause damage to your home in a matter of days, potentially causing harm to your:

  • Sheetrock/Drywall
  • Insulation
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Roof Deck
  • Home Furnishings and Equipment

Roof & Gutter Deicing System Benefits

Our lives are busy, and our homes should be a safe retreat from the world around us. When you get home at night, you want to relax and enjoy your family. You don't want to deal with shoveling snow, or worse, calling contractors to get estimates to make repairs to your home's interior due to a roof leak caused by an ice dam.

With our roof and gutter deicer solutions, you get the following benefits, all of which provide you with peace of mind and roof-rake-free weekends.

Automated operations

Like other automated home features, you only have to turn your system on in the fall and off in the spring. The automated controller runs the system for you if you're home or away!

Energy efficiency

Your system only runs when the temperature drops below 38 degrees and precipitation is present on the moisture sensor. You will only be using electricity when there's a chance of ice dams forming.

Safety for family and guests

You won't have those dangerous icicles hanging from your roof. They're lovely to look at but can easily hurt someone when they fall. A bigger safety concern is that hidden moisture in your attic, ceiling or walls can support the growth of mold, creating an unsafe environment for your family.

No repairs due to leaks from ice dams

This will save you an enormous amount of time, as it's not a trivial exercise to get the right repairs done and the insurance company to pay for them.

Investment protection

This system will protect your home from costly damage such as water-damaged walls, falling gutters and downspouts, and mold remediation.

Design & Installation

Each roof and gutter deicing system we install is unique. We will work with you to understand and identify where you're having ice dam problems, and we design a solution that addresses these problem areas with a cost-effective solution.

You also don't have to install the entire roof and gutter deicing system at once. You can start with the side of your home with the biggest problem. You'll want to design the entire system up front, to make sure you put the electrical box and controller in the best location. Then you can prioritize which section of roofing to do first.

Types of Roof & Gutter Deicing Products

There are three major categories for roof and gutter deicers, each at a different cost level. They include:

Constant Wattage Cable

The first is the constant wattage cable. Once energized, the cable maintains a constant wattage during operation, and this option is relatively inexpensive depending on manufacturer. We prefer to use the manufacturer Danfoss for constant wattage cables as their core wire is thicker and the overall cable is thicker than other brands. These are the most typical for installation.

Self-Regulating Cables

The second type of roof and gutter deicer is self-regulating cables. As the core of the wire gets colder it conducts electricity better and in turn gets warmer. Once plugged in they're always on, but with cooler temperatures, they get warmer. Nuheat and Raychem are leading manufacturers, and we install both.

Heating Panel

The last type of roof and gutter deicer is the heating panel that utilizes self-regulating cables within to provide a clean look that can be color matched to roofing types. They are extremely efficient, as the cables warm the aluminum metal sheathing for maximum coverage.

No matter which option you choose for your home, we recommend that all three types are installed with a rain/snow sensor.

Heating Panel

Heating Panel

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