You Don't Have Time for Power Outages

You Don't Have Time for Power Outages

Shop for Kohler generators in Plainville, CT

Power outages can happen at any time, without warning. Depending on your location, they can last from a few hours to a few days. Don't let an unexpected loss of power shut down your business or force you to take our family to a hotel. Kohler generators can keep everything running. The experts at J.S. Electrical LLC can install your generator at your home or business in Plainville, CT right away.

Once you decide or purchase a Kohler product, our team will order your new generator. It will arrive in about two weeks, and we'll install it in a few days. Our team will also take care of getting any required permits or inspections.

Contact our outstanding team now to discuss your Kohler generator installation. Make sure to ask for your free estimate on any service.

There are so many reasons to buy a generator

Kohler generators were first produced in 1920. Every generator has a commercial-grade engine and a hydraulic valvetrain for both power and reliability. They offer a standard five-year warranty on parts and a two-year warranty on labor.

Not sure if you really need a generator? You don't, most of the time. But when the power goes out at your home or business, you'll be glad you bought a Kohler generator. Kohler generators can keep:

  • You from throwing away hundreds of dollars in spoiled food
  • Your sump pump running during a bad storm
  • You from losing your water supply if you're hooked up to a well
  • Your essential medical equipment running
  • Your commercial equipment running

To help with the cost, J.S. Electrical offers financing for any of our customers. Take advantage of our plans, including 0% interest for 18 months or 7.99% interest for 61 months. With our options, you should be able to have your new generator in a few weeks.

Schedule your Kohler generator installation in Plainville, CT now. You won't regret your investment.